"In working with Theresa, I quickly saw why she'd had so much success in the public sphere already. Not only is her natural public speaking on par with any of the best leaders and entertainers in the public eye, but her clarity, focus, and warmth stood out as truly exemplary."
-Jed Goldstein, Even Odd Films


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Making Compassion Common Again

Theresa introduces practical compassion practices such as positivity, empathy, and kindness, which enhance resilience in the face of stress and anxiety in daily life and work. By incorporating these practices, individuals can cultivate open and respectful conversations, even in challenging situations. She emphasizes that compassion should be directed not only towards others but also towards oneself, as it improves mental and emotional states, leading to a more mindful, positive, and fulfilling life. Drawing upon her personal experiences, Theresa inspires individuals to view the world through compassionate eyes, empowering them to live their best lives while making a positive impact on others.

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"She cares about every single word she says and she cares about how they impact every single person in the audience. I love Theresa and I think her performance is spectacular!"

TRICIA BROUK, International award winning director, author, and producer

"In working with Theresa, I quickly saw why she'd had so much success in the public sphere already. Not only is her natural public speaking on par with any of the best leaders and entertainers in the public eye, but her clarity, focus, and warmth stood out as truly exemplary."


"Theresa's beautifully articulated talk demonstrates her talent for storytelling... carefully weaving in a compelling heart centered approach and reframing our perspectives."


"We have Theresa guide us on a quarterly virtual meditation sessions at Box, Inc. This has been so beneficial to our mental wellness given the current climate and past events of this year and last."

nikki ramis, box inc

"Theresa really brought to the forefront what it means to hear each other's stories and the way we can impact one another! So powerful."

sapier lam, audience member

"Your presentation was like a beautiful life jacket. I think it allowed everyone to just catch their breath enough to breathe and receive the inspiration."

Kyle S., Vivify health

"She has received nothing but good feedback from our company, so we've now implemented Theresa's monthly meditations in our health and wellness program!"

VAlerie Mullins, MatchGroup


Creating a culture of belonging goes deeper than demographics. It also cannot be forced purely through required quarterly training. Compassion must be demonstrated and practiced every single day in every single interaction. This must be the core of your business. To create a space of safety, empowerment, more inclusive environment, you must incorporate meaningful changes that support personal growth in your employees. Theresa is obsessed with helping you to drive positive organizational impact through evidence-based practices to build a strong culture of diversity, inclusion and equality. When people feel like they count, they will associate their work with deeper meaning and satisfaction, improved communication and openness to different perspectives. Theresa is available to present virtually or in person.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Compassion goes deeper than demographics

Speaking Topics

Whether you are interacting with a patient directly or indirectly, you are providing compassionate care. What you do, whether in front of the patient or behind the scenes is essential, and you are saving lives every single day. Theresa uses her 20+ years in nursing, research and healthcare IT to share how your role and your job matters when it comes to the healing journey of the patient. She will share practical guidance, based on her personal and professional experiences, on how to bring humanity back into healthcare. She will share 5 ways you can reignite purpose and passion in your life so you can show up as your best selves every day. Theresa is available to speak virtually or in person.

Connect with Compassion

Bring Humanity Back Into Healthcare

Compassion is the bridge to connection and authentic relationships. Compassion can include simple check-in with a colleague and makes all the difference in feeling a sense of belonging and community. With daily stress as an everyday occurrence, having compassion makes us pause and gives us a perspective on what the other person is experiencing. Research shows that compassion can improve health and overall well being as well as increases positive emotions. Theresa will share 5 ways to improve mental wellness that can be applied in all aspects of life, not just at the workplace. Stress is unavoidable, and we cannot always control when or why it happens. What you can control is how you respond to it. Theresa is available to speak virtually or in person.


Boosting Mental Wellness Through Compassion

Having been a nurse for 20+ years, Theresa has worked with thousands of people from different socioeconomic statuses, races, ethnicities, languages, disabilities, and genders. This has given her a unique perspective and position to understand what it means to be well in all aspects of life – not just physically. Her clients include Box, Inc, Match.com and private clients.

Theresa’s gift is her ability to help others connect to themselves and others through the power of compassion. She is passionate about creating community, finding humanity in our suffering and helping people live more fulfilling lives.

As a daughter of Vietnamese Refugees, Theresa has grown up hearing, seeing and experiencing the real life struggles and successes of achieving the American Dream. This was only possible through the profound kindness and compassion of strangers and a very supportive community. Raised with the core values of kindness and compassion, Theresa hosts a podcast focused on humanizing the refugee and immigrant experience. She has been quoted in the NY Times, US World & News Report. In recent years she has collaborated with Facebook highlighting her for her work as a leader and influencer building online communities of belonging.

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