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Unleash Your Inner Power:  Helping You to Align With the Highest Version of You

Life is a remarkable journey that embraces the full spectrum of human emotions and experiences, from the depths of darkness to the expansive light of the heart.

In this very moment, you might be caught up in the whirlwind of chaos in your life.

It could be in your relationships, health,  career or even within yourself. You may have lost sight of who you truly are.

If you continue to play the game where life is unfair and asking "Why me?", well friend, you will be stuck in that cycle FOREVER.

Your soul is calling you to reclaim your power. You are no longer the victim. Your life doesn't have to suck. Bad things don't always have to happen to you. Yes, your pain IS REAL ... but no more pointing fingers at the world. It's time to take responsibility for your own healing.

...AND I'm here for you, right by your side.


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I'm a Dragon Channel, Energy Healer, Nurse and Mindfulness Speaker. My Mission is to reduce human suffering. I help people transmute their fears so that they can feel empowered and alive again to their best life. It is your birthright to live a life fueled by purpose and ignited by passion.

My super power is helping you to open your heart and release, look inside yourself, see your past mistakes and stories as a source of power to change your future so that you can move forward in your life and create next-level success, whatever that looks like to you. My wish for you is that you experience self love is greater than the love you've experienced from anyone else. 

Hi, I'm Theresa.

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It's time to tap into your soul's calling. And to do that, healing can't be an afterthought.

I've been there. I thought that with all of the money I'd spent on therapists, coaches, healers, psychic mediums and mentors that I was ready to go to the next level. What I didn't know was that there was still so much internal work that had to be done before I could really transform and serve others. I had to heal. I had to go to the places that I was scared to look at. I had to look at the parts of myself that I was ashamed of and learn to embrace them instead. While there is still SO MUCH more to be revealed, today, I am a guide to help you step into your chosen path.

As a Dragon Channel and Energy Healer, I utilize unique tools, my intuitive gifts, connection with the dragons, my guidance from spirit, and ancient wisdom to help you find the answers that you're seeking and reconnect with the beauty that's inside of you. You were born perfect, and that doesn't just go away. I am here to help you to remember who you really are and your limitless potential. 

When we rip off the layers that no longer serve you, we can finally unearth your light and true essence.

I'm ready

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"As she played, it’s like I could see the dragons—their colors, the way they moved about the room, I felt them next to me. The sound bath put me in a deep state of relaxation and self-healing."

Angela T.


"Her presence holding a space in which we can receive, in which you can journey deep within and out. I truly felt like I journeyed deep within myself."

Diana H.

"I have been going to Theresa for energy healing for a few years and it has helped me heal and overcome issues I was dealing with from my past as well as current life stressors."

Tiffany S.

"This experience encompassed so much for me-inner healing, spiritual growth and transformation.  I didn’t realize how much my soul needed this. You allowed me to heal!"

Vanessa L.

"I felt relaxed and unplugged from busy chatter of my mind and into my heart ... I received magical experiences and was taken to magical places."

Sunny M.

"The breath work took me into what was the most meditative state I've ever been in. I didn't want it to end, I wanted to spend time in this place that felt really good in my body and mind."

Jessie S.


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