"I left the retreat TRANSFORMED, RENEWED, and EMPOWERED!!!"

I was on a sort of spiritual, connected high. Bonding with women I would've never met, connecting to myself in a way I would not have, and affirmed that I am strong!! She gave me tools to continue my journey of self awareness, self empowerment, and trusting my guides. If you need a reboot, cleansing, healing, or really aren't quite sure, but know you need change...GO!!! Go & embrace her intuitive guidance and walk away forever changed.  - Rhiannon P.

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Hello, Warrior. I’m Theresa, Dragon Channel & Energy Medicine Practitioner, Speaker, Mom, Nurse and Soul Connector. When it comes to transformation and helping others, I have a super power. It is being able to see through the surface and help you to break up with your fear so you can take your vibration to the next level.

I’m inviting you to join me and an intimate group of women to a sacred space where together, you can help one another cultivate your womanhood, celebrate your unique gifts, expand in self-love and leave the retreat feeling empowered, fueled to embark on your journey to make YOUR desires a priority.


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Theresa helped me start my healing journey and has given me clarity on my past traumas that I was holding onto.  She held me accountable and made me face my challenges straight on.  She also provided me with tools I needed to continue my journey to heal.  -Joua H.

"She is beyond kind, compassionate, intelligent, experienced, funny, loving and a master healer."

These retreats are designed to create an all-engulfing experience and opportunity for self-discovery and self-development that evolves in unison with the most amazing location and the highest healing energy and space.

Transformational shifts are possible in one weekend to shift from chasing things outside of yourself to learn how to discover the many gifts and brilliant gems that are inside yourself.

Reconnect with yourself through a practice of self-love, self-care and self-empowerment. It’s time to give yourself the love that you need that will sustain you going forward.

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This retreat is designed to help you awaken to the infinite aspect of your true nature, deepening the relationship with yourself.

Connect to the limitless creator you are and master tools to live a more fulfilling, rich, juicy existence on this planet. Honor and acknowledge your authentic self – love, trust, and respect yourself as the divine being you are.

Realize and trust your own answers to your true happiness. Learn to empower lifelong mastery tools for personal growth and transformation. View your life experiences as an opportunity for growth, learning, and upliftment.

Sharing our doubts, fears and praises with each other builds bonds that can last for years – not just a weekend.

These are the things that changes lives.

Our spirit changes us through our relationship with ourselves and others.

This is a time for reflection, self-care, clarity and restoration.

I promise you that if you are willing to be courageous, peel back the layers, and do this work with me, you will see changes in yourself, your life and those around you.

spirit is calling

our health extends beyond our physical needs

"We all have blockages that she’ll discover and help us remove to live life more freely and empowered."

Theresa is an angel that I feel blessed knowing and blessed experiencing her healing retreats and classes! It is difficult to describe what an amazing event her rise up retreat was! She thought everything through, made time for everyone, helped us connect to ourselves , to heal, grow and love! I came back with more clarity, higher vibration and tools to use in everyday life to keep the energy flowing!   
-Sabrina F.

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  • The ideal place to unplug, slow down that fast pace, and get back in touch with yourself

  • Be more relaxed and refreshed than you’ve ever been

  • Become stronger mentally and find inner peace

  • A chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of city life

  • Recover from a long period of stressful work or family situations

  • Rediscover yourself after too long of feeling disconnected

  • Drop out of “normal life” for a period

  • Relax your body and mind deeply and break the addiction of negative thoughts


Then this retreat is for you!


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  • We will deep dive down and do the necessary work to define what we want our lives to be.

  • See yourself exactly as you are, right where you are and accept ALL OF IT.

  • Learn to embrace forgiveness and love yourself MORE, flaws and all.

  • Practicing mindfulness and self-awareness to reconnect breathing new life and power into our personal relationships. 

  • We will develop daily self-care practices that you can take home with you bringing intention and self-love with you everyday.

  • Be surrounded and supported by like-minded women who want to raise each other up.

What to Expect

Your life WILL be better if you work with her and if you go all in! My very favorite thing that Theresa has introduced me to Sound Baths. Clear your mind, center your soul, set intentions for your highest self and embark on true greatness with this angel’s help! 
-Natalie B.

"Theresa had found exactly in my body where I was holding on to stress and trauma and with her healing touch and beaming light."

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"This experience encompassed so much for me-inner healing, spiritual growth and transformation. I was deeply moved and inspired by your guidance. Additionally I am forever thankful for the deep connections made with all the women-soul sisters. I didn’t realize how much my soul needed this. You allowed me to heal! If you have become a stranger to yourself, seeking a safe, relaxing and rejuvenating journey full of empowerment and self discovery-this is the retreat for you!"

Vanessa L.


I went so much deeper than I realized I could ever go. Theresa took us through a type of breathwork that allowed me to express myself in a way I would never have given myself permission to and it created this release of past pain and trauma that I could finally just let go of. She pushed me past the edge of my comfort zone and it was exactly what I needed to wake myself up and begin to make big changes in my life.

Cynthia L.

"As I was transitioning to new chapters in my life, that weekend was the self-care I needed to give myself to refocus, balance and reconnect with my Higher purpose. While we laid in peaceful relaxation with our meditation crystals, Theresa played her beautiful singing bowls for us. The sound bath was so calming and healing. The beautiful sounds and vibrations filled me with peace and tranquility that I still think about til this day. "

Sorida L.

"I feel lighter, more at peace ... ready to put into place the things I learned.  Amazing experience that set me on the path I needed to be on. You see the world in a whole new light! Theresa is a master of her craft. I’m grateful for the healing and the tools to continue on this thing called life."

Annette P.

"I wanted to find clarity around my marriage and I and also embrace peace in my heart. By the end of the retreat, I knew what I needed to do to bring my marriage back to life. Not only that, I felt so good and well rested. It was an incredible group of women to be surrounded by! When I got home, I took the initiative to speak to my husband and honestly, things have been better than ever.  I am so thankful I attended this retreat."

Lien D.

"I attended a retreat facilitated by Theresa and I will say it was life changing. I felt I had more growth in healing in that weekend then I had in years of therapy."

Karen H.

"I was hoping for an encouraging and relaxing getaway but received so very much more! Theresa creates the most beautiful, enlightening, nourishing, life changing experience you don't want to miss! My heart is full!"

Amanda R.